Brissa Kamakaniokekai Christophersen identifies as a kanaka maoli artist with Hawaiian, Mexican, Chinese, Norwegian, German, French and Irish ancestry. She is from the island of Maui and currently attends Humboldt State University pursuing her double bachelor's degree in Wildlife (Conservation and Management) and Fine Art. Brissa's passion for wildlife conservation is prevalent in her work, confronting the issues of endangered species extinction, especially as it pertains to endangered endemic birds of Hawai’i, and using this imagery to function as human-animal allegory. After her undergraduate studies, she plans on continuing her education to pursue a Master's in Natural Resource and Environmental Management.


Humboldt State University - Fall 2020

  • B.F.A., Fine Art

  • B.S., Wildlife (Conservation & Management)​


  • HSU Student Exhibition 

    • Morris Graves Museum of Art (2019)

  • Twenty | Twenty: Work by Humboldt State University Art Students

    • Morris Graves Museum of Art (2020)

  • Twenty | Twenty: BFA Exhibition

    • Reese Bullen Gallery (2020)

  • 2020 HSU Art Graduates Exhibition

    • Reese Bullen Gallery (2020)​


  • Humboldt Junior Ranger "Otter Spotter" Activity Book [Cover] (2019)

Special Awards & Scholarships

  • Ingrid Nickelson Trust Award for Outstanding Woman Artist: ʻAlae Keʻokeʻo on a Discoball (2019) - Art Graduates Award Ceremony (2020)

  • Redwood Arts Association Award: ʻAlae Keʻokeʻo on a Discoball (2019) - Art Graduates Award Ceremony (2020)

  • Don Reeser and Mary Evanson Memorial Scholarship - Friends of Haleakalā National Park (2020)

  • Stanley Harris Memorial Scholarship - Humboldt State University (2019)

  • Braden C. Hogan Memorial Scholarship - Humboldt State University (2019)

  • Summer Artist Workshop with Solomon Enos Scholarship - Bailey House Museum (2019)

Conferences Attended

  • American Indian Science and Engineering Society National Conference – Virtual

    • ​Indian Tribal Education & Personnel Programm (ITEPP) Center for Native Excellence (2020)

  • California Indian Conference – Sonoma, California

    • Indian Tribal Education & Personnel Program (ITEPP) Center for Native Excellence (2020)

  • Hawai’i Conservation Conference – Honolulu, Hawai’i

    • Kāpili ‘Oihana Internship Program/San Diego Zoo Global Internship (2019)

    • Nā Hua Ho’ohuli I ka Pono Internship Program (2018)

  • IUCN World Conservation Conference – Honolulu, Hawai’i

    • Future Conservation Leaders Program (2017)

  • The Wildlife Society’s Annual National Conference – Raleigh, North Carolina

    • Native Student Professional Development Program (2016)